Friday, February 20, 2009

Round 1 submission

Here it is, our entry from Round 1. To read the judges and other members comments, go to

Steel Rising

What if every fantasy novel you ever read…was true! Elves and dwarves, orcs and dragons, and many others all existed side by side with man and many a great adventure was had.

Now the forests and villages have faded, replaced by cities and highways. The world has moved on and The Races moved with it. Dwarves are successful businessmen, Orcs and Trolls fill the ranks of the military and police, and dragons sleep under the Golden Gate Bridge.

But the transition was not so easy for some. The Wood Elves have taken refuge in nature reserves and national parks, doomed to watch helplessly as industrial advances threaten their beloved forests. The Dark Elves, Goblins, and other dark Races have retreated to the comfort of the sewers and subways.

However, the hardest hit are the Mages of all Races. With the rise of modern technology the Magical Arts began to fade. Then during World War II the Mages were once again called upon to unleash the full extent of their power, reminding the world of their devastating potential. The war was followed by a period of fear, paranoia, and suspicion. In 1954 the Mage Control Act was passed, declaring Mages a danger to all normal beings. Since then Mages have been hunted, imprisoned, and killed. The few remaining are deep in hiding, afraid to reveal their power to the world.

But when the mysterious and powerful Black Ruby is unearthed, only a Mage can unleash its power, and only a Mage can stop it. Now the race is on to find one of the last remaining Mages. Will her power be used to save the world, or to destroy it?

Characters and concepts (c) 2008 Brad Huffman-Parent and Brad Thingvold

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