Saturday, April 4, 2009

Round 2 update 4/4/09

Haven't posted in a while, partly because there hasn't been much news to post and partly because we've been working hard getting ready for Round 2.

Small Press Idol Round 2 began on April 1 and so far 3 projects have posted: Faction, The Machine, and Hometown Heroes (formerly Clean Slate).

As of now we're expecting to have Steel Rising make an appearance around April 10. The assembly line is cranking and all of Brad T's pencils are moving on to Joe for inks and then Mike for color. Brad has 2 character action poses left, and they may even be done as I write this.

Now, why the delay? Why didn't we have these ready to go for day 1 to start getting the most votes possible as soon as we can?

One word--QUALITY.

I've been through the entries from the last 2 years of the contest (and there was some really great stuff), and I'm confident to say that our entry is going to blow away anything that's been seen before.

That may make me sound like a cocky jerk, but I truly believe in the skill of this creative team, and every one of us has given their absolute best and beyond.

So, April 10 is the day to watch for. Or maybe a day or two later, depending on how long it takes to send everything out.

Whatever day it is I'll be sure to post (over and over, here and on Facebook and Twitter) and let you know where and how you can see it.

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