Thursday, March 26, 2009

a little bit about me

Every writer needs to have a cool little bio ready to go if they ever happen to get their work out there, right?

Well, maybe not. But I put one together anyway. I asked the rest of the creative team to write something about themselves too, but I haven't gotten anything from them. They are quite busy getting all that art and stuff done for Round 2, so I'll forgive them.

Brad Huffman-Parent has been writing for a long time. It started with very, very bad comics in Jr High and blossomed with his love of screenwriting in his early college years.

Due to extremely bad luck with computers, he has lost almost everything that was written between 1994-2006, including numerous short screenplays, one completed feature, and 2 features in progress. After a short break he renewed his love of writing in late 2007 and since then has completed 10 new short screenplays and begun 2 features.

His short screenplay “Losing Teeth” placed 2nd in an international screenwriting competition and “Because I Love You” received Honorable Mention in another.

“Losing Teeth” was recently optioned by an award winning director and is scheduled to begin production in late 2009. Another short screenplay “Giving Life” has been picked up by another director and is also set for production later this year. And finally, the short sequential story “Till Death…”, illustrated by Matthew K Grundy, has been accepted for publication in the anthology “Blister” from Tin Star Studios.

He is currently devoting every bit of free time to “Steel Rising”, his entry for the 2009 Small Press Idol competition.

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