Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm back...for a few days

Hello everyone!

As you can see I've completely neglected this blog for quite a while. I'm not exactly sure where I lost it, but it was somewhere between getting the script finished for Steel Rising, promoting the hell out if through Round 2, and starting a new job.

I'm currently at the beginning (2 weeks done, 9 more to go) of a very long and intense training program for that new job that has me far away from home and living in hotels. I was able to get home his weekend for the long holiday weekend (the only time this will happen) so here I am trying to update.

The first thing I'm going to do is collect all of the STEEL RISING TANTALIZING TIDBIT's that I posted in the Dimestore forum during Round 2 and started again for Round 3. Then I'll post the first 3 completed pages of STEEL RISING #0 that are up for voting right now, and the 3 pages of my original script that go with it.

Look for it soon.

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