Sunday, May 24, 2009


Now here are the TIDBIT's from our Round 3 thread.

#1 Fire magic is the most commonly used form of magic and one of the first that most Mages learn. It's very emotion based and easily accessible, and can be greatly amplified by extreme anger or rage.

#2 Want an inside peek into the creation of Steel Rising? Take a look at the first 3 pages of the script here.

This is very different that any other script I have ever written, mainly because this is the first time I knew exactly who would be doing the art. I changed my writing style quite a bit to mesh better with Brad T's strengths and style.

This is probably one of the thinnest comic scripts I've ever written, partly because so much of it was discussed among the creative team before I started committing it into proper script format. I had already given them a full page plot point breakdown of the #0 issue and another 4 page breakdown of all the major plot points for an entire series (probably about 60-80 issues worth of story). I also put a lot of trust in Brad T's creativity and tried to give him as much freedom as I could to do his own thing while still following the story I laid out.

I'm still amazed at how close some of these pages came out looking almost exactly how I pictured them while writing.

#3 The Mage Enforcement Agency (MEA) was originally developed as a special task force of the FBI under the guidance of J. Edgar Hoover. It eventually branched off into it's own separate agency and is currently run under the Department of Homeland Security.

#4 Dad's dialogue in Page Two Panel Eight is an important clue to some questions that will come up in the next few pages, and also to another major event that takes place shortly after the #0 issue story.

That's all of them for now, I'll update with the next batch at the end of the week.

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