Monday, March 23, 2009

All links in one convenient location

You may have already found us through one of these links, but here they are again so you can find all of them from here.

First off, here's our official Facebook fan page.

Become a fan, add me as a friend. Tell your friends to become fans and add me as a friend. I'm nice, really, I am.

Next up, Twitter.

This is my personal account, but it's mainly used to connect with other creators and do some promoting for Steel Rising.

And there's also some new Twitter fun coming up once Round 2 of Idol goes live. But I can't tell you much about it until Round 2 starts due to the contest rules.

Well, okay, I can give the basics! All of our main characters will be getting their own Twitter and Facebook accounts (I think. That may be a violation of Twitter and FB rules, I need to look into that some more.) and I'm working out an alternate/side story that will play out for the characters on those pages.

Gotta love this age of the internet, where comics aren't just contained to the printed page anymore. And on that track, the creative team has recently been discussing adapting Steel Rising into a Role Playing Game as well, but that won't be until after the book is well under way. (and credit for that idea goes to our very talented inker Joe Armour)

Okay, back to the links...

And it's the last one? Thought I had more than that.

My deviantArt gallery:

Check out some of the short screenplays I've written over the last year, and a few much older samples of my comic writing.

And that's it. Now it's time to grab that whip and go motivate the art guys to get everything finished up for Round 2 so we can blow you away with it's awesomeness.

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