Monday, March 16, 2009

Round 2 coming along nicely

Well, Round 1 is quickly coming to a close on March 20.

Not that we have to worry, since we sailed through with 3 very enthusiastic "Yes" votes! (Hey, I'm proud of our hard work, let me brag a bit.)

Submission of materials for Round 2 starts on April 1 and goes to April 19. Don't know when in there we'll send our stuff, but everything is going great right now so we'll definitely make it somewhere in there. No missed deadlines for us!

Round 2 requires turn-around poses (front, side, 3/4 view) of each main character, and also 3 action poses for each. We have all of our turn-arounds completed, and 2 action poses for one character and one for another. And Brad Thingvold might have more done that I just haven't seen yet. I have to say that these first 3 action poses have completely blown away any expectations that I had. I was impressed with Brad T's art from the start (or else I wouldn't have wanted to work with him) but he just took things to a whole other level.

The turn-arounds are off to the inking phase, but I haven't seen any of those inks yet (hint, hint if you're reading this Joe!).

And something that I'm really excited about, not just because I'm the one doing them but because I'm surprised at how good they look, are the character bios.

I always wanted to do something more with the bios than just a plain old word doc, and I think I found something that's really going to impress and stand out from the competition. Unless the competition had the same thought as me. I hope not.

Basically this old writer dug deep and found some artistic ability hidden down inside. Okay, maybe not much artistic ability, and maybe it's just that I'm good with computers and found my way around Digital Imaging Suite easily, but I like to think there's an artist in there somewhere.

But the point is, our Round 2 materials are going to blow you away. Keep your eyes open and I'll be sure to post when they're up for judging.

Remember, Round 2 is the fans chance to come and vote for us. We need you to win this thing!

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